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How it all came together!

Brenda thought as she gazed down towards the shoreline of Deep Creek. The marina sitting there where many come in from their day of fun on the lake. She imagined a place where all could come in and relax, taking in the scenery while enjoying food and drinks. She went to Deep Creek Design Studio and Doug Storck with her vision of a “small outdoor bar with some food”. That’s when Firewater first began to spring to life.

While Doug was designing Firewater he had went with ActivWall when choosing windows. He had chosen four different window sizes for this project. Firewater had 14 custom built gas strut ActivWall windows that are energy efficient, aluminum framed and insulated glass. Doug explained, “ActivWall Gas Strut Windows are a key element in the biophilic design of Firewater Kitchen and Bar. The restaurants interconnection between interior and exterior space, place and environment through natural light, fresh air and social connection is a direct attribute of the design and functionality of these windows.” Jeany Blamble, the General Manager of Firewater Kitchen, says, “The windows are a fabulous addition to our restaurant! There is a real WOW factor when our guests see them opening.”

Beginning in the spring of 2020 RPM Construction was the general contractor hired for this innovative job. As mentioned the design was put together by Doug Storck but not without the input from Steve Richards of Deep Creek Timber Frame. Wanting to keep the rustic yet modern and open look for Firewater, RPM, Woodhouse, and DCL Design Studio put their great minds and skills together in bringing this to life. “Woodhouse provided an advisor for a week to keep us all straight,” says Bruce Swift, owner of RPM Construction. “The frame and the walls went up incredibly quick. We then installed tongue-in-groove paneling for the ceiling, and then the SIPs for the roof,” Swift says. Woodhouse provided design, engineering, and the entire envelope for the structure, including windows and doors.

The ending masterpiece wouldn’t be possible without The Welding Rod LLC and Deep Creek Fireplace as well. Only in person can you truly appreciate every inch of beauty and intricate detail that went into bringing this all together. High quality isn’t just in the food and drinks but was a front of the mind focus from the very first idea when creating Firewater. Keeping it local was nothing short of incredible and creative when it came to all these highly experienced and skillful suppliers that came together to bring Firewater to the Deep Creek community.

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