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Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that already a year has passed. From our opening day of December 13th 2020, we have watched as Firewater has continued to grow beautifully. It’s because of all our wonderful guests, from locals to our visitors, and our beyond extraordinary family of staff that each passing day is better.

It all started from Brenda’s vision of creating this warm and welcoming atmosphere right along the Deep Creek’s shores. A place where she can have a “small outdoor bar with some food” that all those coming in from the lake could enjoy. This “small little place” became a destination place with the best views around.

When stepping through those doors you walk into this warm atmosphere where smiling faces are everywhere to be seen. Tables are buzzing with friends and family enjoying each others company. Our staff excited to put their creativity to the test and share with you specialty dishes and innovative drinks.

Firewater would not have been as successful if it weren’t for our guests. Celebrating our 1 year anniversary truly brings to light all that we have achieved and grown in such a short time. Here’s to many more years of good times, delicious food, premium drinks and many smiles of satisfied guest!

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